Discoveries and Intrigue

Monday, September 18, 2006

Jewels Of The Crown

The mysteries surrounding then entity calming to be Emperor Norton I, AKA agent 047, are getting deeper and so I create this blog to fallow the events.

The latest episode. We were able to reconstruct the full message Norton left for us recently. It read:

Climb to its
highest point above
the dry pond.
golden gate park
holds secrets in
the rocky crown

(Thanks Kirin)

Based on this clue I and my comrades deduced that the the rocky crown must be on the island in Stowe lake. Open arriving at the summit we were happy to discover a empty pond butted with a crescent of rocks. The rocks must have formed a lovely fountain which filled the pond in the past. After some searching and climbing on the rocks my compatriot noticed a line formed of broken ceramics that seemed out of place in the environment. Fallowing this clue a small candy tin was reviled to be tucked away in the rocks. Upon opening the tin its contents bore fruit for our labor. We now hold a note form Norton, a small key stamped with "China" and three photos we are instructed to study. The note reads:

Learn all you can about these topics and inform all of my subjects of your findings. Also let me know how your education proceeds.

Norton I

Issues by the Ministry of Information


The key seems to suggest that the key to some mystery is china. The photo's of the train, child in the field, and the rice patties make us think the the Chines Rail Rode is some how in the mix.